“Somos las nietas de todas las brujas que no pudistéis quemar.”

—International Women's Day chant, Barcelona

 [ Issue 2014.29; Cover art © 2014 Robin E. Kaplan ]

Issue 2014.29

Short stories


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Here is the new issue of The Future Fire, a diverse and exciting issue with stories about love, about growing up, about death, about the fight for justice against oppression and the struggle for survival after the departure of the oppressor. As usual, our artists have done us proud with bold, imaginative and sensitive ilustrations, capturing the spirit of the stories better than any editor or reviewer I know.

This is an issue full of firsts, of introductions and welcomes. Every author in this issue is new to TFF (and all are names that we're proud to see in the table of contents at last). We also welcome to the fold new associate editor Kathryn Allan, known to some of you as Bleeding Chrome, and new members of the slush-reading and refereeing team, Cécile (who was our first ever professional illustrator eight years ago!), Serge, Tracie and Valeria (who has undertaken proofreading duties in the last year or so too). Thanks to everyone for their great work and contributions to this issue.

Looking to the future, we hope to kick off another anthology call in the next few weeks, and we're thinking about one or two themed issues this year too. This is where your input will come in: do you have opinions? Do you care about social-political issues and broad representation, and want to write reviews? Do you have ideas for peer-reviewed, professional or academic standard non-fiction? What media other than writing should we be paying attention to? Does anyone fancy writing hypertext or other experimental fiction for us to look at? Fake reviews as Borgesian fiction, anyone? We have plenty of ideas, but we'd love to hear yours too.

In the meantime, enjoy the fiction in this one.

Djibril al-Ayad, March 2014

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