Don't Read This
Mark Harding

The virulence of the meme caught the developers by surprise. They couldnt control what they had created. I realise now, I was a test subject: one of the first victims. Ironically, I think that is why I have lasted so long. Or maybe I have a different strain. Anyway, I outlived the bastards.

Its a unique weapon as far as I know; language based, media transparent, incredibly adaptive - utilising unconscious behaviours and unthinking conditioning. Contamination is absurdly fast - hidden in innocuous seeming words - a few sentences, something as short as a joke even.

Honestly, I did try to do the right thing. I phoned the hospital, phoned the police, phoned the army. I attempted to give the alarm: to hand myself in. But their procedures couldnt really cope. Its the ingrained reactions, you see. Despite my warnings they kept asking me what was wrong, asking me to explain.

Bad move.

I carry the first symptoms: loss of concentration, a dry mouth, a feeling my fingertips are too heavy, the need to tell someone - to spread the word. As to the second symptoms well, theyre unspeakable. And fatal.

Once there was no one left to talk to in the research block, once I had telephoned all my friends, I then found the hidden computer. What better way to spread the word?

And now youre read this. So you are infected too


But I did warn you.

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