‘Liquid Water Lake Revealed on Mars’, Paige Elizabeth Smith

Illustration © 2019 The Future Fire & NASA

 [ Headline: Liquid Water Lake Revealed on Mars, © 2019 The Future Fire & NASA ]

— BBC Headline, 07/25/2018

Drills and Diggers Make Their Way to Mars (07/25/2020)

Elon Musk Wears Armani Suit for Martian Housewarming Gala (07/25/2030)

Curiosity, Sojourner, Opportunity Retire as Mascots in New Martian Federal Immigration Building (07/25/2035)

Scandal! Indentured Servants From Gates Dome on Strike over Health Care Coverage! (07/25/2040)

Earth Officially Too Hot to Support Life — Swimwear Sale on Now at Branson Dome (07/25/2050)

First Martian Space Exploration Center Opens on Olympus Mons (07/25/2060)

Dangers of Too Much Terraforming — How You Can Help Save the Martian Environment (07/25/2070)

Rover Landing: First Images from Europa (07/25/2080)

Billionaires Get Ready for Europa Grand Opening, Model Designer SpaceWear (07/25/2090)

Ten Ways to Improve Your CV so You Can Make that Europa Move (07/25/2100)

90% of Martian Domes Face Severe Droughts, Food Shortages (07/25/2200)

Final Flight to Europa Causes Riots, Chaos as Children Separated from Parents (07/25/2300)

Liquid Water Found on Planet in Alpha Centauri System (07/25/2400)

Planetary Hopscotch: Remembering Earth Before the Great Evacuation (07/25/2500)

Trillionaire CEO Disbands Company Union, Prepares for Flight to Alpha Centauri (07/25/2600)

First Starbucks Opens Outside the Milky Way : Unmissable Secret Menu Items (07/25/2700)

Op-Ed: Why Are We Always Discovering Empty Planets? (07/25/2800)

© 2019 Paige Elizabeth Smith

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