‘How to Dismantle a Defective Sex Droid’, Ashley Bao

I. Recognition

A plastic film covering cold epidermis.
Steel-reinforced subcutaneous tissue.
A soft face, airbrushed smooth.
Rusted-over corneas, manual pupils.

White teeth that reek of lead paint.
Liquid lipstick mouth without pucker.
Touch the ulnar vein and no
tendon is felt, only metal skeleton.

II. Deconstruction

A knife’s edge is most dangerous when
twisting left. The left kneecap goes first,
then the right elbow. The screws were
installed for simple disassembly.

Press the blade against the scapula;
once it cracks, take it off and set aside.
Ribcage bolts are laid out as a compass,
north tucked in the nape of the neck.

III. Incapacitation

Iron melts at 2800 degrees, but it only
needs to be softened enough to pry bones apart.
Be careful of the battery acid stomach
and bleach-tinged blood. They may splash.

Chromium heart, the shine is easy to spot.
A number carved in the right ventricle,
record it to send back to the manufacturer.
Rip it out and breaths should cease in a minute.

No need to turn it off first;
they won’t remember the pain.

© 2021 Ashley Bao

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