‘Gendered Anatomy’, R.E. Andeen

Illustrations © 2021 Gwen C. Katz

 [ Whatever form meets your needs, © 2021 Gwen C. Katz ] Cam was pacing, stomach swarming with butterflies. Five years of life-altering work and millions of dollars all came down to the next fifteen minutes.

“Relax, babe,” Lore said. “You’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one who has to get naked in front of millions of people.”

“Don’t be such a prude! Besides, it’s not you they’ll be looking at. It’s your work.”

Cam walked to the stage entrance. “You know it’s both.”

Onstage, Marketing Morgan was delivering The Pitch.

What more and more young people today want from their gendered anatomy is flexibility. They want an identity that meets their needs in the moment, and they want a body to match. There may be thousands of mods already on the market, but they all require professional installation and days or weeks of recovery. That changes today with the revolutionary UMod System One.

Sparkly graphics flashed on stage monitors and sparkly music blared from speakers. The crowd perked up.

Please welcome our founder, lead bioengineer, and first customer, Cam Sarno!

Cam bounded onto the stage, shed company-blue coveralls, and stood bare and exposed before millions of eyes. “It’s not you, it’s your work,” Cam whispered.

Medium height, medium build, medium-brown skin, perfect androgyny. Cam could be anyone, or no one. The camera zoomed in on the bare skin of Cam’s crotch. No genitals at all, just a small urethral nub.

Cam begins in the drone configuration, but that’s just one of many options.

Cam triggered neural interface program M1, and Cam’s body began to change, accompanied by a heavy techno-orchestral theme. Cam’s ribs and shoulders expanded, hips contracted, jawline sharpened and shadowed with stubble. The nondescript nub grew into a very real penis.

The genitals are fully functional, always ready when you need them!

Cam would NOT be demonstrating that on stage. Marketing had lobbied hard, but Cam flat-out refused. Morgan gave the crowd a moment to cheer before moving on.

Any form can be assumed in minutes.

Cam’s skin mottled, then lightened to a uniform marketing-selected Nordic Pale. (Cam had favored Ivy Green, but when does marketing ever listen to engineering?) Chromatophores were cheap commodity tech, externally sourced, but they still impressed.

Triggering the next transform, Cam thought of all the tech the team had invented—hyperelastic skin, rapid-transfer adipocytes, osteomorphics, and so much more—but none of that was visible. All the crowd saw was Cam’s angular masculine form rounding and smoothing. Breasts and hips and soft red lips. And still, that very real penis.

The genital mods are completely independent of the body and facial mods.

After a moment for the crowd, Cam triggered the final program, and the camera zoomed in. The penis shrank back down to a nub, then even further into a tiny pink bud, while the flesh behind parted and molded itself into a perfect vulva.

The natural, full-depth vagina is indistinguishable from the real thing!

“It’s not you, it’s your work,” Cam whispered again, then reached down, spread labia, and inserted a finger. The crowd went wild.

The UMod System One. You can be a man at work, a drone at the supermarket, a woman out on the town, all in one day. Whatever form meets your needs and desires in the moment.

The curtain came down, and Lore was waiting. Cam sought approval in Lore’s soft face, fell into Lore’s strong arms.

“How’d I do?” Cam asked. “I was too nervous to tell.”

“You were amazing, babe.”

Later, Cam and Lore celebrated with a shockingly expensive bottle of Alaskan champagne.

“Twenty million preorders in four hours!” Lore raised a glass. “You’ve struck gold, Cam Sarno.”

“We both have, love,” Cam replied. “I never could’ve done this without you.”

The work and all the body mods had put their relationship on hold, and Lore had been nothing but patient and supportive. They hadn’t been on a date in a year, let alone been intimate. It was time for that to change.

“So, um,” Cam blushed. “Which configuration do you want to try out this weekend?”

Lore devoured Cam with lust-filled lilac eyes.

“All of them.”

© 2021 R.E. Andeen

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