Whispers of Wickedness Stories (archived)

When Whispers of Wickedness magazine ceased publication in 2008 (and with the site due to disappear in mid-2009), a small number of stories were copied (at the express request of the authors) both here at the site of The Future Fire, and at the British Fantasy Society archives.

American Atavism with Blood and Excrement by Dan McNeil

Anton Arctic and the Conquest of the Scottish Pole by Rhys Hughes

Appetite by Dan McNeil

The Armscote Continuum by Dan McNeil

The Baby Maker by Paul McAvoy

Blue Moods by Dave Price

Car(n)age by Dan McNeil

Caterpillar by Aliya Whiteley

A Cold Sun by Dan McNeil

Collecting Stones from a Beach by Dan McNeil

Decay Syndrome by Dan McNeil

Description of a Liar by Rhys Hughes

Don't Read This by Mark Harding

Dusk by Neil Ayres

Euthanasia by Neil Ayres

The Fog Catcher by Jim Steel

Galatea by Aliya Whiteley

The Graveyard Guardian by Dave Price

How Don Cosquillas Earned His Name by Rhys Hughes

The Impregnable Fortress by Rhys Hughes

The Metaphorical Marriage by Rhys Hughes

The Mice Will Play by Rhys Hughes

The Minotaur in Pamplona by Rhys Hughes

Musicians in the Cold by Rhys Hughes

The Office Castaway by Rhys Hughes

On the Deck by Rhys Hughes

On the Multitude of Distractions by Dan McNeil

Pale Lady by Robert Spalding

Poe Pie by Rhys Hughes

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by R J Barker

¡Qué Pena! by Rhys Hughes

Session by Aliya Whiteley

Suicidal Daze by Paul McAvoy

Sun Underground by Catherine Davis

333⅓ by Rhys Hughes

A Warning to the Spurious by Peter Tennant

Whispers of Wickedness by Robert Spalding

White Plate Red Lobster by Mark Harding

Zucchini Overdrive by Rhys Hughes

All stories are copyright the individual authors, and are provided here purely as an archival service. If you are the owner of any of these stories and would like them removed, please contact the TFF editors and your wishes will be respected.