The Link-exchange Scheme

If you would like to participate in the Future Fire link or banner exchange scheme, simply include a link to somewhere on your site, and notify the editor of the existance of this link, and we shall be glad to return the favour. Contact:  [  ]

To include a text link, you may use the following code in your HTML:

<a href=""> The
        Future Fire: New Writing in Social, Political,
        Speculative Cyberfiction</a>

To include a button or banner in your link, choose an image from the selection below, copy it to your own folder, and include the following code in your HTML:

<a href="">
        <img src="firebanner101.jpg" alt="The Future
        Fire: Social, Political, Speculative
        Cyberfiction"/> </a>

(substituting the filename firebanner101.jpg with the name of the graphic you choose, of course)

You may choose from our stock banners and buttons.

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