Reviewed by Dan McNeil

Apex nearly died a while ago, which means that in a parallel world, this issue never appeared. Or in another parallel world, it did appear, but on Gliese 581c, as a William Morris wallpaper pattern, perhaps called Apex Red House, Pattern Number 7.

Anyway, Mr Editor Sizemore emailed his readers to ask for help, and help they did. This suggests either that his readers are gullible fools, or that they're rather discerning, and know a good small press magazine when they see it. If Pattern Number 7 is representative of the Apex oeuvre, I'd say the latter applies.

So, what of the content? In more or less the order of the contents (which is more or less the order in which I read the contents), we have:

  • As well as the above, I gorged on interviews with Michael Laimo and Tim Powers (both of them interesting and quite nourishing), essays from Lavie Tidhar (the vampire can be seen as the ultimate product of the enlightenment) and Alethea Kontis (Americans have absolutely no idea how to drive) and a poem from Brandy Schwan.

    Despite one duff story, this is a very good collection. May those that saved Apex (or Apex Red House, if you live on Gliese 581c) live long and prosper.

    Apex Science Fiction & Horror Digest, edited by Jason Sizemore, and published by Apex Publications, PO Box 2223, Lexington, KY 40588-2223, USA. A5, 128 pp, $6/issue in USA (for other countries and subscription details refer to website). Available in Barnes & Noble and other U.S. & Canada bookstores, online at Apexdigest.com, Shocklines.com, Amazon.com, ClarkesworldBooks.com, and Fictionwise.com (digital version only).

    Website: - www.apexdigest.com

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