Whispers of Wickedness reviews (archived)

From 2004-2008 close to three hundred items, mostly small press books or issues of independent magazines, with a focus on horror and dark fantasy, were reviewed for Whispers of Wickedness magazine. When WoW ceased publication in 2008 (and with the site due to disappear in mid-2009), the reviews were copied (unless the author requested their removal) both here at the site of The Future Fire, and at the British Fantasy Society archives.

Web Whisperin' November 2007, column by Djibril Alayad

Web Whisperin' October 2007, column by Peter Tennant

Web Whisperin' May 2007, column by Peter Tennant

Mario Guslandi reviews The Exaggerated Man by Terry Grimwood

David Hebblethwaite reviews Small Voices, Big Confessions

Gareth D Jones reviews Interzone #216

Jim Steel reviews Polluto #2

Terry Grimwood reviews Open Grave: The Book of Horror by Jeani Rector

Garry Charles reviews Murky Depths #4

Paul McAvoy reviews Not Dead Enough by Joseph DiFrancesco

Terry Grimwood reviews Jupiter XX

Steve Redwood reviews Interzone #215

Steven Pirie reviews GUD #2

Mario Guslandi reviews Deep Inside by Polly Frost

Tim Lieder reviews Other Voices by Andrew Humphrey

Lawrence R Dagstine reviews Polluto #1

Mario Guslandi reviews The Curious Accounts of the Imaginary Friend by PS Gifford

Jim Steel reviews Alison by Andrew Humphrey

Gareth D Jones reviews Escape Velocity #2

Tim Lieder reviews Inferno

Peter Tennant reviews Hammerhead by Garry Charles

Greg Schwartz reviews School’s Out by Scott Andrews

Jim Steel reviews Charles Urban’s Brutal Spirits

Lawrence R Dagstine reviews Black Static #3

Gareth D Jones reviews Murky Depths #3

Peter Tennant reviews Murky Depths #2

Terry Grimwood reviews Nightblade #2

Jim Steel reviews Tiny Terrors #2

Gareth D Jones reviews Midnight Street #10

Gareth D Jones reviews Interzone #214

Terry Grimwood reviews Jupiter XIX

Emma Lee reviews The Shantytown Anomaly #6

Jim Steel reviews New Writings in the Fantastic

Sue Phillips reviews Grendel by Ken Brosky

Terry Grimwood reviews Black static #2

Gareth D Jones reviews Pantechnicon #5

Steven Pirie reviews Lunatics and Fools by Robert Spalding

Lawrence Dagstine reviews Jupiter XVIII

Mario Guslandi reviews Read by Dawn vol 2

Christopher Teague reviews You Are The Fly by James Cooper

Dan McNeil reviews Apex Digest #7

Steve Redwod reviews Sein und Werden Vol 2 #2.

Chris Cartwright reviews Landscapes of Hell

Pete Tennant reviews Jupiter XVII: Callirrhoe

Sarah Jackson reviews Black Static #1

Rob Spalding reviews Test Drive by D J Burnham

Tim Lieder reviews The Machine Man Letters by Monte Davis

Gary McMahon reviews Vacation by Jeremy C Shipp

Gary McMahon reviews Deathgrip: Exit Laughing edited by Walt Hicks

Gary McMahon reviews The Troublesome Amputee, Collected Poetry by John Edward Lawson

Mario Guslandi reviews Black Book of Horror edited by Charles Black

Jim Steel reviews Triangulation edited by Pete Butler

Steve Redwood reviews Interzone #212

Paul McAvoy reviews World Wide Web by Gary Fry

Lawrence R Dagstine reviews Apple of My Eye by Amy Gretch

Steve Redwood reviews Serendipity #1

Sarah Jackson reviews God Laughs When You Die by Michael Boatman

Catherine Davis reviews Midnight Street #9

Paul Bradshaw reviews Murky Depths #1

Robert Spalding reviews Dalton Quayle Rides Out by Paul Kane

Lawrence R. Dagstine reviews The Fisherman by David A. Sutton

Steve Pirie reviews the Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill

Mario Guslandi reviews Dirty Prayers by Gary McMahon

Steve Pirie reviews Sein und Werden Vol2 #1

David Hebblethwaite reviews GUD #1

David Hebblethwaite reviews Ugly Stories for Beautiful People by James Burr

Jim Steel reviews Cemetery Dance #57

Greg Schwartz reviews New Genre #4

Sarah Jackson reviews Abiding Evil by Alison Buck

John Saxton reviews Interzone #210

Emma Lee reviews Bits and Pieces by Greg Schwartz

Emma Lee reviews Collected Words by Frank Burton

Jim Steel reviews Triquorum II edited by Chris Teague

Paul Bradshaw reviews Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #6

Rob Spalding reviews El Sombra by Al Ewing

Steve Redwood reviews TQF#17

Jim Steel reviews Zencore

Steve Redwood reviews Shimmer Vol 2 #2

Sarah Jackson reviews GUD Magazine #0

Garry Charles reviews The Words of Their Roaring by Matthew Smith

Jim Steel reviews Sein und Werden #4

Garry Charles reviews Grim Trixter by Brandy Schwan

Garry Charles reviews Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levine

Mario Guslandi reviews Diabolic Tales 1

Paul Bradshaw reviews Anhedonia by Colin O’Sullivan

Terry Grimwood reviews Leading Edge #53

Peter Tennant reviews Paranoid Landscapes by David Mathew

David Hebblethwaite reviews Unnatural History by Jonathan Green

Edward St Boniface reviews Going Back by Tony Richards.

Barry J House reviews All Your Gods Are Dead by Gary McMahon

Greg Schwartz reviews Apex Digest #9

Jim Steel reviews The Midnight Hour by Neil Davies

Garry Charles reviews Flames of Herakleitos by Bob Lock

Peter Tennant reviews So Far , So Near by Mat Coward

Peter Tennant reviews Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder by Derek Gunn

Peter Tennant reviews Scheherazade #29

Jim Steel reviews Jupiter XVI : Metis

Alison Littlewood reviews Residue by Andrew Hook.

Sarah Jackson reviews Interzone #209

Peter Tennant reviews Three Things About Me by Aliya Whiteley

Peter Tennant and Steve Redwood review Sein und Werden Vol1 #3

Paul Bradshaw reviews Dr. Identity by D Harlan Wilson

Greg Schwartz reviews The Book of Shadows

Mario Guslandi reviews Love and Sacrifice

Terry Grimwood reviews The Literary Bone #1

Sarah Jackson reviews Stealing Life by Antony Johnston

Steve Redwood reviews Shelter by L H Maynard and M P N Sims

Sue Phillips reviews JupiterXV: Adrastea

Chris Cartwright reviews Interzone #208

Jim Steel reviews Apex Digest #8

David Hebblethwaite reviews Jupiter XIV

Gary McMahon reviews Bare Bone #9

Sue Phillips reviews Extended Play

Gary McMahon reviews The Last Stand of the Great Texas Packrat by Steve Vernon.

Steve Redwood reviews Midnight Street #8

Steve Redwood reviews The Garden of Doubt on the Island of Shadows by Mark Howard Jones.

Steven Pirie reviews Choices edited by Chris Teague

Terry Grimwood reviews Crimewave Nine

Chris Teague reviews Spear of Destiny by Jaspre Bark

Paul McAvoy reviews Interzone #207

Peter Tennant reviews Death Hulk by Matthew Sprange

Liza Granville reviews A Kind of Peace by Andy Boot

Liza Granville reviews God’s Acre: The Ravens and the Rhyme

Tim Lieder reviews Paraspheres

Gary McMahon reviews A Manhattan Ghost Story by T.M. Wright

Sue Phillips reviews At the Molehills of Madness by Rhys Hughes

Catherine Davis reviews Jupiter XIII Leda

Terry Grimwood reviews Sein und Werden #2

Mario Guslandi reviews The Impelled by Gary Fry

Garry Charles reviews The Riot Act by Stephen Romano

Steve Pirie reviews Heaven’s Falling - Redemption by Garry Charles

Mario Guslandi reviews When Graveyards Yawn edited by Sean Wright

Garry Charles reviews Mama’s Boy by Fran Friel

Garry Charles reviews inSINerator by Joseph DiFrancesco

Alison Littlewood reviews The Culled by Simon Spurrier

Steve Redwood reviews Cloven by C M Taylor

Steve Redwood reviews Interzone #205

Terry Grimwood reviews Rough Cut by Gary McMahon

Garry Charles reviews Horror Library Volume One

Garry Charles reviews Barry Wood’s Short Stories on audiocassette

Alison Littlewood reviews Apex Digest #6

Paul McAvoy reviews Unholy Whispers by Joe DiFrancesco

Edward St Boniface reviews Unbecoming by Mike O’Driscoll

Gary McMahon reviews Things From The Past by Steven Deighan

Garry Charles reviews Midnight Street #7

Sue Phillips reviews I Was Probed By Aliens and Lived To Tell The Tale by Barry J House.

Alison Littlewood reviews Sein Und Werden Volume 1#1

Garry Charles reviews Badass Horror

Catherine Davis reviews Escaping Elsewhere #2

Mario Guslandi reviews Supernatural Tales #10

Alison Littlewood reviews Twisted Tongue #2

Paul McAvoy reviews Apex Digest #5

Sue Phillips reviews Jupiter XII

Barry J House reviews Soulkeepers by Steve Dean

Steven Pirie reviews A World of Assassins by Neil Davies

Gary McMahon reviews Triquorum One edited by Chris Teague

Barry J House reviews Sybil’s Garage #3

Alison Littlewood reviews The Ephemera by Neil Williamson

Steve Pirie reviews Bare Bone #8

Garry Charles reviews The Bleeding by Dustin LaValley

Alison Littlewood reviews Sin after Sin by Derek Muk

Edward St Boniface reviews Jupiter XI

Steve Redwood reviews Strange Pleasures #3

Alison Littlewood reviews Interzone #203

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews The Last Days of Johnny North by David Swann

Christopher Teague reviews Interzone #202

Mario Guslandi reviews Brainchild

Steve Redwood reviews Midnigt Street #6

Catherine Davis reviews Apex Digest #4

Peter Tennant reviews Midnight Street #5

Barry J House reviews Trunk Stories #3

Gary McMahon reviews Crimewave 8

Garry Charles reviews King of the Birds by Alison L R Davies

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Poe’s Progeny edited by Gary Fry

Garry Charles reviews A Dead Calmness by Steven Deighan

Steve Redwood reviews Thirteen Magazine Vol 2 #4

Garry Charles reviews Here and Now #7

Tim Lieder reviews An Occupation of Angels by Lavie Tidhar

Tim Lieder reviews The Fall of Never by Ronald Damien Malfi

Chris Cartwright reviews In the Rain with the Dead by Mark West

Garry Charles reviews 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

Edward St. Boniface reviews Jupiter X

Edward St.Boniface reviews Interzone #201

Garry Charles reviews Trailer Park Fairy Tales by Matt Dinniman

Barry J House reviews Rule Dementia by Quentin S Crisp

Garry Charles reviews Peachy Like Nietzsche by David L Tamarin

Mario Guslandi reviews The Complete Symphonies of Adolf Hitler by Reggie Oliver

Steven Pirie reviews Heaven’s Falling by Garry Charles

Steve Redwood reviews Scifantastic #2

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Whispers in the Dark by Liza Granville

Paul McAvoy reviews Teddy Bear Cannibal Massacre

Tim Lieder reviews Scream Queens of the Dead Sea by Gilad Elbom

Chris Teague reviews Nemonymous #5

Chris Cartwright reviews Dark Animus #8

Tracy Sherrin-Miller reviews TTA #42

Steven Pirie reviews Apex Digest #2

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Bare Bone #7

Steve Redwood reviews Interzone #199

Peter Tennant reviews Jupiter IX

John Saxton reviews TTA #41

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Beyond Each Blue Horizon by Andrew Hook

Steven Pirie reviews Here and Now # 5/6

Liza Granville reviews Jupiter VIII

Justin Credible reviews Atlanta Nights by Travis Tea

Liza Granville reviews Who Needs Cleopatra by Steve Redwood

Mario Guslandi reviews the Minotaur in Pamplona books I &II edited by Neil Ayres

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Antwerp by Nicholas Royle

Tim Lieder reviews Interzone #197

Chris Teague reviews Gameplayers by John Dodds

Gary Mc Mahon reviews visits to the Flea Circus by Nick Jackson

Peter Tennant reviews Horror Express #4

Gary McMahon reviews Bloodshot by John Saxton

Chris Cartwright reviews Midnight Street #4

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews The Life to Come by Tim Lees

Liza Granville reviews Mean Mode Median by Aliya Whitely

Steven Pirie reviews Dark Animus #7

Dan McNeil reviews smart-d by Kenji Siratori

John Saxton reviews Dark Discoveries #3

Paul McAvoy reviews Apex Digest #1

Peter Tennant reviews The Curse of Mesphisto’s Seed by William P Haynes

Steve Redwood reviews Moon Beaver by Andrew Hook

Liza Granville reviews Interzone 196

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews The Extremist by Paul Finch

Steve Redwood reviews Curing the Pig by Liza Granville

Gary McMahon reviews The Mask behind the Face

Steven Pirie reviews Jupiter7:Elara

Peter Tennant analyses statistics for the Elastic Book of Numbers

Liza Granville reviews TTA #40

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Somnambulists by Allen Ashley

Mario Guslandi reviews Night Country by Mark Howard Jones

Paul McAvoy reviews Midnight Street #3

John Saxton reviews Supernatural Tales #8

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews There Will Be Time by Lavie Tidhar

Gary McMahon reviews Demons and Demons

Sue Phillips reviews Tarot for Life by Prospero

Steven Pirie reviews The Skeleton Of Contention by Rhys Hughes

Terry Gates Grimwood reviews The Mine by Paula Hadlum

Sue Phillips reviews Interzone 194

Steven Pirie reviews The Waldorf Street Paradox by Sue Phillips

Gary McMahon reviews Midnight Street 2

Steve Redwood reviews Digging up Donald by Steven Pirie

Terry Gates-Grimwood reviews Premonitions 2004

Steven Pirie reviews Foreign Parts by Gavin Salisbury

Rob Spalding reviews Breaking Hearts by Gary McMahon

Sue Phillips reviews Because I’m not Sane by Jeremy Ewing

Paul McAvoy reviews When The Mist Clears by L J Blount

Sue Phillips reviews In Praise of Ridicule by Rhys Hughes

Gary McMahon reviews The Dark Within By Paul McAvoy.

Steve Redwood reviews Fusing Horizons 3

Joyce Hale reviews remnants of the Night by Jim Morton

Joyce Hale reviews Bones in the Badlands by Jane Kerr Colhoff

Steve Redwood witters on about Electric Velocipede 6

Gary McMahon reviews Out of Mind by Sam Hayes

Steve Redwood reviews Nicolo’s Gifts by Neil Ayres

Susan M Phillips reviews Fisher of Devils by Steve Redwood

Mario Guslandi reviews Nemonymous 4

Peter Tennant reviews Deep Ten

Adrian Fry reviews Jupiter IV: Callisto

David Price reviews Fusing Horizons #2

Peter Tennant reviews Dark Tales #3

Mario Guslandi reviews The Heisenberg Mutation by Steve Redwood

Paul Bradshaw reviews Stranger on the Loose by D Harlan Wilson

Steve Redwood’s musings on the Midnight Streeet #1 Review

Judge Peter Tennant reviews Milo and I by Anthony Mann

Adrian Fry reviews Midnight Street #1

Tim Lieder reviews Ghost far from Subtle by Joe Rattigan

Gary McMahon reviews Dark Corners #1

Tim Curran reviews Wakemares by Tim Johnson.

Steve Redwood reviews Jupiter Magazine.

Gary McMahon reviews Derelict of Deaths

Peter Tennant reviews Strange Tales by Mark West

Peter Tennant reviews Spare Parts by Stuart Young.

Adrian Fry Reviews Tiny Torments by Gary McMahon

Mario Guslandi reviews Chalice, a vampire’s tale by Susan M Phillips

Adrian Fry reviews Fusing Horizons #1

Mario Guslandi reviews Tear Drops by James Cain

Mario Guslandi reviews The Cold Blue Collection by Peter Tennant

Adrian Fry reviews Halloween by Peter Tennant.

Steve Redwood doesn’t review Breaking Windows.

David Price reviews Black Altars by Mark Samuels

Adrian Fry reviews Dark Animus #4

Gymslip review of Dark Animus #2

Steve Redwood reviews Sleepwalkers by Marion Arnott

Peter Tennant reviews Second Contact by Gary Couzens

Adrian Fry reviews The Fix #7

Gymslip Review of DarkAnimus #1

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