Poetry by Jeremy Ewing

Illustrated by Chris Friend

Reviewed by Sue Phillips

A collection of poems that look out from the confines of insanity, Because I'm Not Sane is a triumph of darkness over light. For lovers of horror poetry, this little collection is a must, particularly when the illustrations of Chris Friend stand out so starkly terrifying from the pages.

Madness draws the reader into a frantic world of frightening images as it hurries along to its ultimate conclusion. Love and Pain show how uncomfortable it is to be on the receiving end of unasked for pity. The illustration for this poem is uncharacteristically beautiful--until you look closer at the detail. A candle is really a human form, the background is filled with storm ravaged trees and is the smile on that face truly benevolent? Paranoia is a short, but beautifully worked piece that covers its subject powerfully and succinctly. A fitting end to this disturbing little book.

Because I'm Not Sane, A5, 34pp, £1.00 incl p&p

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