Stories by Terry Gates-Grimwood

Artwork by Carole Humphreys

Reviewed by Gary McMahon

Whenever another D Press title appears through my letterbox, I feel a nice little pang of pleasure. I love these thin volumes; what they may lack in width they usually make up for in quality.

And Terry Gates-Grimwood's tidy collection keeps up this standard, whilst also confirming that the man himself is a purveyor of fine chills indeed.

Because he Needed Pain is a well written piece about a man with a sexual fetish for receiving pain. His wife refuses to help, so he seeks what he needs elsewhere...with some unexpected results. Without giving too much away, this is a story whose outcome might well redefine your understanding of the word sadism.

The title story, Demons and Demons, is what we in the trade call a belter.

A man driving a lonely road picks up a hitchhiker for his own personal reasons, and allows all hell to break loose in his life. This one is a finely crafted tale about the demons that can be summoned by black magic and, more interestingly, the demons that are carried around inside one's own head. The prose style is clipped and very immediate, the action fast and furious, and the resolution deeply satisfying. This one is worth the price of admission on its own.

Finally we have Driving to the Edge, a sombre little mood piece that cannot possibly live up to what has gone before, but still manages to end this brief collection on a welcome note of melancholy.

Carole Humphreys ably illustrates the book, saving the most striking image for its cover artwork. For my money, this one's another winner from D Press, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in good horror fiction.

Demons and Demons, A4, 32pp, £1.00 incl p&p

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