By Bob Lock

Reviewed by Garry Charles

Flames of Herakleitos is one of two titles spearheading the move into printed form fiction for the Publisher behind the hugely successful (and well deserved, I might add)

Estronomicon online magazine (e-zine to those hip with techno babble). And if all his choices are as good as this then Steve Upham is onto a winner.

Screaming Dreams Publishing has spent the best part of two years utilizing Estronomicon, other online books and involving readers with a best authors/artists award to prove they had an eye for (and cared about) a diverse range of tales including horror, fantasy and sci-fi. Well, this decision has paid dividends and secured SDP a good stance on the publishing ladder. With Flames they should take the first dozen rungs of that ladder at a run.

Flames by Bob Lock is a tale of pure, unadulterated imagination. Bob has created something highly unique and he should be praised for the imagery that rolls around inside his cranium. Do not be misled by the back cover blurb of this work of art as it just doesn't do justice to the tale held within the amazing cover (artwork by Steve Upham). No blurb could ever capture the true epic proportions of the journey the reader is about to take, no back cover is large enough to describe the myriad characters and places you are about to visit in your mind's eye.

Without giving too much away (yet wanting so much to shout about the plot and the twists and turns it has taken me on) let me try and introduce you to the Kingdom of Flames.

Bob Lock sets out telling a tale that feels pretty basic, a little bit 'run of the mill' if you will. But that all changes as Chapter One gives way to Chapter Two and all the preconceptions you may have had are yanked from under your feet as you are introduced to a new world; a world like ours yet so different. Fantasy, horror and humour are quickly blended so perfectly that you will find it hard to know when to stop shuddering, when to start laughing and when to pause for reflection as the next revelation is thrust upon you from out of the blue.

The momentum picks up as the story moves along and never stops dragging you along, moving at such a frenetic pace that you will almost feel exhausted and suffering from dizziness as things relentlessly unfold before your eyes. At the end of this 350 page beauty you will feel as if you have experienced a 1000 page epic, it truly is brimming with imagination and force.

Bob Lock has given us an outstanding cast of characters and a mind blowing world with which to surround them. He has done this with such a flare for storytelling that I can't wait to see what he does next.

Flames of Herakleitos by Bob Lock. Published by Screaming Dreams, 13 Warn's Terrace, Abertysswg, Rhymney, Gwent, NP22 5AG, South Wales, UK, B format pb, 350pp, £9.99

Website: - www.screamingdreams.com

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