By Mark West

Reviewed by Chris Cartwright

This story is about a battle between good and evil, and I do mean evil. I would not recommend indulging yourself with this tale if you are squeamish!

This is also a love story about a childhood romance that gets reignited. It is ironic that Jim and Nadia get back together because of the same reason they parted ways 10 years before. No telling what evil forces can be conjured up from summoning the dead on the Ouija Board.

Nadia is the heart of what drives this evil force forward, destroying any life form in its path. Jim is determined to put a stop to this demonic being, no matter what it takes.

Mark West creates an atmosphere of doom, terror, hatred and sexual violence in this horrific tale. The way he moves from each character's situation, leading up to the grand finale is intense, and a real page-turner. I do like how he gets inside the characters' heads and lets you know what they are thinking.

You hear people say that they were “sitting on the edge of their seats”... That describes what it's like reading this book.

I really enjoyed the storyline. It went smoothly and was told very well.

I really liked the characters too. They were strong and very interesting.

What I didn't like was the gratuitous nature of the gore. I felt like it was too much...I am in no way against gore. In fact, I love it! But in this case I thought that the story was good and could hold its own without going overboard with the gory details.

The book is a nice size paperback, with an attractive illustration on the cover.

All in all I thought it was a great story though the ending was not what I expected ...I kept searching for a rainbow...

In the Rain with the Dead by Mark West. Tpb, 274pp, £7.99. Published by Pendragon Press, PO Box 12, Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales, CF34 0FG, United Kingdom.

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