By Joseph DiFrancesco

Reviewed by Garry Charles

The back cover blurb for inSINerator hints at a supernatural side to the story and I feel that before I begin I must warn you that this is misleading. inSINerator is in no way a horror story. This fact, however, doesn't mean it's a bad book. In fact it's a damn good read.

I'm under the belief that inSINerator is Joseph's first novel and, taking that into consideration, it's an excellent attempt. It does have a few problems, but the story more than manages to carry the reader along at a nice, steady pace.

The author proves that storytelling is, indeed, the key to an enjoyable novel. Some people would pick his prose apart and claim he is a bad writer, but the inescapable fact is that Mr DiFrancesco writes enjoyable fiction that will easily sell to the mass market audience. I know I'll follow his career carefully, as it's clear he can write an engrossing tale and--as is usually the case--if each book is an improvement on the last he is going to build himself an impressive fan base.

The story revolves around three people; Bob DiStanza (a homicide detective), Dorian Coffer (a high profile architect and serial killer) and an unnamed arsonist intent on making Dorian's hobby as difficult as possible. I hate to give too much away in a review, but I will say that the murderer's MO is a fantastic touch on Mr DiFrancesco's part.

There is also a decent sub-plot that follows DiStanza's private life and this gives the story a nice touch of humanity.

As to the problems--and they don't add up to many - I'd liked to have seen more of the relationship between Dorian Coffer and his antagonist. Sadly, the arsonist is not featured much until the finale and I just felt we could've had a little more detail about the starting of the fires that cause our killer so much grief. It would have lengthened the novel slightly and given it an added depth of menace.

The only other point would be the tagged on epilogue. Yes, it gave the reader a happy ending, but it was just a tad on the sickly sweet side.

Apart from that I could find nothing else to pick fault with and I recommend inSINerator to anyone who has a liking for crime novels.

Joseph DiFrancesco has a good future ahead of him and I eagerly wait to see what he comes up with next.

inSINerator by Joseph DiFrancesco. Pb, 119pp, $5.99 excluding P&P. Also available as an e-book from Double Dragon Publishing. Go here for purchase options.

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