Interviewed by Michelle Moore

In a sit-down interview, I had the pleasure to talk with the Mistress of The Macabre, and best selling horror author - Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. Andrea talks about the release of her latest novel Michael , speaks from the heart about her life in general and sets the record straight, about the misconceptions that many have about her life.

Q: Hello Andrea, and thanks for joining me today.

A: Hello Michelle, and thanks for having me. Its an honor.

Q: With the success of The Two and A Man of Two Worlds , it seems safe to say that Michael will be a smashing hit. Can you give the readers a synopsis of Michael ?

A: I sure can! Actually, how about an excerpt? That might tantalize the readers a bit more

Taylor knelt at the fresh grave and read aloud from the newest addition to the Lands Down Cemetery.

Hanson BlakelyAge 22With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand he has gone to a better land, Weep not for him in sorrow I say, He is not dead, He is just away Until we meet again, our darling boy.

Taylor stroked the stone carefully. He had read the gravestones in the cemetery many times; many of them had heartbreaking epitaphs that made him cry. This epitaph was sweet though and wasnt sad but more like one of hope. The gravestone itself was gorgeous and was among the most beautiful and ornate that Taylor had ever seen. Surely this young mans family was immensely wealthy to be able to afford such a stone.

Taylors heart was still pounding as he looked at the stone. He had almost had heart failure when he first saw it. It was so lifelike that he expected to see the figures flanking it move. Two normal-sized men on their knees each holding the end of an ornate curtain rod on their shoulders, with a velvet curtain, if texture could be captured in marble, stretched between them and over the front and back of a book, draping on the ground behind and on each side of the stone. In the middle of the curtain was a large, upstanding book. Atop the stone was a flowery, billowy, feather quill sitting in an ornate inkwell behind the curtain rod. Tassels hung down each side of the stone and looked as though they had pulled open the curtains so people could read the book. On the book, presumably written using the quill, was Hansons epitaph. It was truly breathtaking. Taylor stroked the quill and inkwell carefully and then caressed the tassels. He almost expected to feel them move the craftsmanship was so realistic. Taylor couldnt help but think that maybe the book represented the last chapter of Hanson Blakelys life and that the pen and inkwell had been set in stone so as to signify that no more could be added to his lifes story, as it had been cut so tragically short.

Taylor had read the story about Hanson in the paper. On his way home late one night from his cousins birthday party he was hit head-on by a driver going the wrong way down a one-way road. When apprehended, the drivers blood alcohol level was six times the legal limit. He was so drunk he hadnt even realized he hit the poor kid, even though he had a broken shoulder, from the impact of slamming into the door, and a broken sternum bone from his initial impact on the steering wheel.

Taylor sat down and leaned back against the cool stone. He was also twenty-two and felt especially sorry for this young man. Hansons life hadnt even really begun and now he was dead. Taylor knew that sometimes young people, himself included, thought that their problems were Earth-shattering at the time they were happening. They worried and wasted precious moments of their lives worrying about nothing really, when, in retrospect, they looked back on the so-called insurmountable problems, they werent so bad. All young people did that, and he knew that being young was no easier than being older, but now this young man wouldnt even get the chance to worry about anything else, make decisions, love, cry, nothing ever againhe was dead. Whether he would have used his life for worry, for happiness, or for everything else in between, he still deserved the chance to live that life and live it to its fullest. It wasnt fair, as the man who had killed Hanson had come away relatively unscathed.

Taylor thought a moment and his eyes teared. If he died would anyone miss him? Would anyone come to his viewing? His funeral? He knew his parents and his sister would be there, but would anybody else? Would anyone put flowers on his grave? Sam Bradley would probably come and piss on his grave, and if nothing else, would continue to do so on the anniversary of his death. Taylor wondered that if even in death, he would be able to get away from Sam. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

It watched Taylor carefully and had been for the past six months hed been coming to the cemetery. It did not become so sad when the other people who came, the ones that planted and tended flowers and were very old, left, but it became very sad when Taylor left it alone again in its cemetery.

Why had the handsome young man chosen to come here? What did he want? What was he looking for? It didnt understand its feelings for the dark-haired young man who carried on conversations with the long-dead inhabitants of the ground it watched over. It wished it could talk to him, to answer some of the questions that he so often asked while sitting amongst the graves. Was he lonely? It was lonely. It wanted a friend. Always had been a long time to be alone. It hovered and waited.

Taylors eyes snapped open with sharp hunger pains. How long had he been asleep? He would grab take-out and come back. The company here in the cemetery would be just as good as anywhere else and he could eat his meal in peace. Taylor rose stiffly from the ground and patted Hansons stone.

Rest easy, Hanson. Ill be back shortly.

Taylor shook his head. God, I am pathetic! The only friends I have are dead. I guess it doesnt matter though, Taylor whispered quietly, at least you are my friends.

He wiped his eyes and went to his car.

Deep underground, Hanson Blakelys eyes snapped open

Q: Michael was picked up by a traditional publisher, Ephemera Bound Publishing and with The Two and A Man of Two Worlds , you published them via Will you be using a traditional publishing house for future novels, or will you stick to the simplicity of self-publishing, via

A: I am very proud to announce that Ephemera Bound Publishing has also picked up The Two and A Man of Two Worlds for re-release and they will be out on the market once again October 1 or shortly thereafter. Just check their website for updates.

I can tell you, I am nothing but spectacularly pleased with Ephemera Bound Publishing. Never have I worked with such a professional group of people and I look very forward to doing so again. I intend on sending them each of my remaining three novels and possibly two more later on. I am extremely happy with them.

Q: A Man of Two Worlds is scheduled to be made into a movie, and I hear there is a movie trailer for it?

A: Yes it is. We are awaiting a 10 million dollar budget. That is a lot for an Indie movie, I know but we have an entire Screen Actors Guild (or as much as they tell us that we have to have) cast and that is where the money comes in. We have two veteran and well known SAG actors, Robert Trebor (Salmonius from Hercules--The Legendary Journeys and as the critic from Devils Rejects ) and world famous voice over and character actor, Jeffrey Breslauer attached to the movie so that made it a SAG movie which means that you pay SAG pay.

The trailer is due to start shooting in the next few weeks and we are hoping to send that to a few festivals and hope that it will gain some interest and net us some funding. On the other hand, if anyone has 10 million theyd like to invest in a one-of-a-kind movie, please contact me at ;)

I will have the trailer up on my MySpace profile and on You Tube for people to see. I am very excited to be a part of the filming.

Q: Andrea, we know you are asked this a lot, but do you consider yourself a celebrity? Many of your fans think you live the high life, party all night etc. What are your thoughts about this?

A: I still laugh every time I hear someone refer to me as a celebrity. Many people consider me a celebrity and that is fine, but I can tell you that I do not live the celebrity highlife. I am a morning person (I am up every morning by 6:30) and am asleep by 10 PM unless I have been freebasing Starbucks Vanilla Cappuccinos (ha ha) and am hyped up.

I had a fan tell me one time that she pictured me riding around in a limousine with the paparazzi chasing the car trying to get pictures of me.

Umno. That doesnt happen.

As for showing up at book signings in a limo, demanding people wait on me hand and foot and ordering people aroundgag. No way. Im just me and always will be. I immensely enjoy meeting my fans out in public and love signing autographs but I will never be some snotty, stuck up diva.

Q: Now that you are rising to the top, do you have any admirers that get a bit too close for comfort? Do the paparazzi hang outside your house, waiting to get a shot or two?

A: I have had my fair share of stalkers, yes. I have had a stalker a year for the past two years. I take it all in stride. I have only had one really violent stalker and I am grateful--some authors are plagued daily with them. The lowlife stole a dress from me and then when that didnt get the desired reaction they slashed the roof of my convertible. I have heard of other authors who have been physically attacked by their stalkers when they didnt get the desired attention from them so I guess I have been lucky.

Needless to say, I got a new roof on my car and an alarm system. I now go everywhere with a bodyguard.

I had a fan one time reach across the table and grab my necklace and a very large, muscular friend of mine (hes a bodybuilder) who was sitting beside me started to get up. I motioned for him to sit down because I could tell the guy wasnt going to hurt me. We were wearing similar necklaces and he just wanted to see mine. What he did was inappropriate but he didnt deserve to have my friend tear him limb from limb. Ha ha!

I have had only one official run-in with the paparazzi. I went out to my car one day to leave where I was and I turned around after unlocking my car and there he was--which freaked me out. He had on a lanyard but had it turned around backward. He didnt even ask if he could take my picture (as close as he was, right in my face it would have been nice if hed have asked) and he stuck the camera in my face. I put my hand up and turned my head, jumped in my car and he then stuck the camera up to the window and tried to get my picture through the glass. I had to back out of my parking space so I turned so that if he got me, he got the back of my head and my back. Ha ha!

I am a big flavored coffee hound and I go to the local coffee place in my mall a lot for coffee. I have looked up while visiting with friends and seen people aiming cameras at me. I dont mind. Heck, if they want a picture with me, they can ask that too and an autograph. I enjoy meeting my fans, always. Its the jerks that sneak up on me like camera guy did, who irk me.

Q: I know you receive hate mail, and I found it very entertaining how you used it to benefit your sales. Will you share with us the one incident I heard about, where you posted this girls hate mail, and it only fueled people to buy more of your novels?

A: I love fan mail, dont get me wrong, but it is the hate mail that really gets me going. I look at it like this. I am swamped, from the moment I get on my computer in the morning until I force myself off of it around 5 PM and I know that I barely have time for anything, let alone to tell even those whom I come in contact with how much I like them, their art, books, magazines, whatever. The fact that I have disturbed a person so greatly that they have to take time out of their life and tell me how much they hate meyou cant buy publicity like that.

My last hate letter was about four months ago. I have no idea why this girl (I am assuming it is a girl) despises me like she does, but she does.

She wrote me one of the most venomous hate mails I have ever received. I printed it out, framed it and then posted it on my message board and on my MySpace account with her name and e-mail address.

After I posted that letter I had a big spike in sales. I never told her though because if I did Im sure she wouldnt write me hate mail any longer.

Some people have said You cant post her e-mail address and name on the Internet! Oh yes I can, she contacted me and did not ask that her name be kept private, nor her e-mail. Besides, she helped my sales quite a bit so I thought it only fair to credit her. ;)

Q: You are a busy woman are you always sitting in front of the computer, because I hear you have a two-story novella due out in November, and then there are your short story and poetry collections. Can you tell us more about these projects?

A: Yes, I enjoy being busy. I start to get antsy when Im not going 200 mph! My two-story novella collection Poisons Treasure is due out November 11 and I will be posting a link about that on my website as soon as it is available.

My short story collection, Darkness Descends is really popular with those who like to be creeped out without having to devote a lot of time to a novel. It is mostly flash fiction. Here is the link if anyone would like to view a preview and order:

Darkened Requiem is my dark poetry collection of some of my fans favorites. Here is the link for it:

Q: Lets talk about conventions for a minute. I know you have been to a few, but what conventions were the most memorable? Will you be attending more horror conventions, in the near future?

A: I absolutely love doing conventions and do as many as I can. All the conventions I attend are memorable in some way. The Necronomicon in Tampa is memorable because it was my very first convention, The FX this past year in Orlando was memorable because I got to meet one of the actors who is going to be in the movie version of A Man of Two Worlds and ran into an old pal of mine from school from my hometown that I had lost touch with who was working securityI could go on and on. Each convention is very special to me and I look so forward to attending as many a year as I can.

Q: You will make public appearances, and I hear you are open to endorsing items. How can one contact your agent, to possibly book you for such an engagement?

A: Yes I do make as many appearances as possible and I enjoy endorsing products for special companies that catch my eye. To have me appear at your event and/or to have me endorse your clothing/shoe line, make up line, etc, etc, simply contact my agent Heidi Stone at

Q: You state that you love receiving fan mail. Do you have a fan club? Where can one send correspondence to? I also hear you will sign autographs by mail, is this true?

A: I do love receiving fan mail. My fans are my very lifes blood and mean more to me than I can ever express. I wish I had a fan club but I dont have one yet. I have one on MySpace but I started that one myself because I have fans on there. But as for just cruising the Internet and finding a fan club devoted to me, no, not yet but I remain hopeful! I will sign autographs by mail and I will answer any and all correspondence by mail. To have me autograph your book/s or to get a b & w autographed photo, send a SASE large enough to hold a 3 x5--4 x 6 (depends on what my agent has supplied me with at the time) picture and your request to Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc P.O. Box 1243 Elfers, FL 34680.

To contact me by e-mail simply send mail to

When you purchase books from me at conventions or book signings, black and white photos are always free and personally autographed. I do charge for color photos (they are normally elaborate and at least 8 x 10) at conventions and I personally autograph them, however I do not and will not ever charge a fan for my autograph whether at a convention or if you walk up to me at a restaurant, or some other public place. Hand me a pen and something to write on and I will give you my autograph. The thought of charging someone for a signature makes me ill. Pictures I can understand charging for because there are costs involved but charging for your namegag. I have more self-respect than that.

Q: Andrea, it has been a pleasure to interview you, once again. Is there anything that you would like to say to the readers, on a last note?

A: Michelle, thank you. This has indeed been a pleasure. I would like to say to my fans all over the world and to those who offer me non-stop encouragement and support, I LOVE YOU ALL! You mean everything to me and I will always hold you in my darkest embrace.

And to those whom this may be the first time ever hearing my name, please come visit me at my website: and if you order my novelsTHANK YOU and pleasant dreams ;)


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