Whispers of Wickedness Interviews (archived)

When Whispers of Wickedness magazine ceased publication in 2008 (and with the site due to disappear in mid-2009), a handful of interviews were copied (unless the author requested their removal) both here at the site of The Future Fire, and at the British Fantasy Society archives.

Barry J House and Fran Friel talk Across the Pond.

David Mathew interviewed by Peter Tennant

An Interview with Ian Redman

Steven Pirie interviewed by Peter Tennant

In Dreams, Liza Granville in conversation with Steve Redwood

Steven Deighan and Garry Charles in Conversation

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc interviewed by Michelle Moore

Gary McMahon interviewed by Terry Grimwood

Chris Cartwright interviewed by Peter Tennant

Matt Cardin interviewed by Stuart Young .

Quentin S Crisp interviewed by Stuart Young

Steve Redwood Interviewed by Liza Granville

Stuart Young interviewed by Peter Tennant

Gary Fry Interviewed by Peter Tennant

Rhys Hughes: The Man Who Laughs at Goldfish interviewed by Steve Redwood

All interviews are copyright the individual particpants, and are provided here purely as an archival service. If you are the owner of any of these interviews and would like them removed, please contact the TFF editors and your wishes will be respected.