By Rebecca Levene

Reviewed by Garry Charles

This is the second release in the Afterblight Chronicles and, based upon what I have just read, I will now be chasing up the first and eagerly awaiting the third instalment.

Each title is a stand alone novel based within a post apocalyptic Earth where most of the population has been eradicated by a disease that has ravaged the planet. Only those with Type-0 Negative blood have survived, living life as best they can in the harsh and sometimes violent aftermath.

Kill or Cure starts five years after the virus--known as “The Cull” –has run its course. The story is told from the point of view of a female scientist trapped in an underground bunker. She has been there for five years, slowly going insane, but there is something very special about her and, as the story progresses we learn exactly what.

Rebecca Levene has created a fantastic story that rips along at a breakneck pace, filled to overflowing with action, violence, bad language and even more violence. This is a summer blockbuster movie trapped within the cover of a paperback.

Levene writes believable characters, both likable and despised with equal flair. She also creates a whole new world that is accepted by the reader as how things could be, immersing the imagination in a world run by mini-dictators, crazed scientists and brain dead zombies.

Abaddon Books are onto a winner with the Afterblight Chronicles and I'm happy to say I will be following them with interest.

Kill or Cure by Rebecca Levene. Paperback, 320 pp, £6.99. Published by Abaddon Books and available in all good bookshops, or online from Amazon

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