Reviewed by Chris Cartwright

Landscapes of Hell is an art book full of fantastic images of the dark side. What an imagination!

The Scavenger

I really think this image is interesting as it combines both human and crow like elements. Crows being scavengers themselves are like humans in a junkyard, hoarding and picking things clean to the bone. The creature looks wretched as it is humped over with the appearance of near starvation. The background is a mountain of caves and entryways which in our minds lead to the unknown. I really think the added skeleton at the bottom a very nice touch.


Very interesting concept. The idea of the host turning into a figure that resembles the parasite. I love the smooth lines in this image. Veon has created this with a lot of flowing lines that work well with one another. The curve of the parasite matches that of the rotten bridge in the background. Also the curves of the parasite's legs which are attached to the host match that of the creature under the ground. The curve of the head and beak of the parasite and the head of the host work well together. There is a mistake in the written description though where it says, “The host in turn would then be transformed over slow periods of time to resemble the host (parasite) as I have shown it here.”

Eternal (Uroborus)

I love the idea of the 2 dragons, one alive, one dead, devouring each others tails. They make up a figure 8 hourglass. It appears to be set in the desert. I can see the sand at the top spilling down, but there is none at the bottom of the hourglass showing that it is falling and covering the floor, which will eventually bury the man. That is the only thing different I would do with this image.

Tied Up

In this image we have two beings tied together and freedom would only bring them death by being crushed. They are humanlike in appearance with no faces. I find the human skulls on the railing posts interesting; were there others who went through the same experience? Are those clouds in the background or are they some other form of beings? The figure on the right, slightly above the tied being's outstretched arms, looks like it could be a “Parasite”. Awesome image!

The Blade Lovers

Two lovers slicing happily away at each other. The most interesting element of this image is the figure at the left. It shows much despair and pain. I love the face. It reminds me of the famous painting Scream (Munch). The body is opened up revealing a twisted cord which represents I assume the intestines. Lovely image!

The Conquering Worm

I really like this image. It is a creature made up of several individuals, who are no longer individuals because they are all combined into one creature. The thing has a mouth at the head and at the center of the body. The mass of twisted flesh and teeth flows nicely together. I just wonder though, what is that big hole on the right side below the mouth and which the humans' back ends are pointed towards?? Hmmmmmmm

Unearthly Garden

I have always loved the idea of the human tree. The arms pose as branches and the hair flows upward into the leaves. The idea has been used by various other artists, but yet still I find it very interesting and pleasing.

Images after the story

Descent II (Despair)

The more you look at this image the more you see. I think the title fits with all the figures in this image except for the main part of the image which represents anger. There seems to be an evil and angry force that is sending all the desperate souls into a vast sea of darkness.

Descent III (Nightmare)

This reminds me of something out of one of the Freddy Kruger movies! The spider web with the skulls, however, makes me think of The Fly with the little guy saying “help me!” There is much to see in this image too. I see a creature from the previous “parasite” imbedded into the image. Fantastic work!

Descent V (Desire)

The center of the image I suppose is the desire of the beings who are stretching to reach. I really like how the stairs lead right into the dark mysterious cave of the desire. The wings add an interesting touch to the image. Awesome work!

Descent VI (Alternatives and Reflections)

Stairways appear in a lot of Veon's images I have noticed. Leading to doom or just to nowhere, they add much interest to the work. I see a human skull with the mouth as a doorway in which a figure of a man is standing. Then I see other creature's skulls throughout the image. I really love the smooth lines on the intestine like tunnel in this image.

Electro Reanimation I

This image reminds me so much of Salvador Dali's work. I really love how he created the tongue of the creature to be the spine of the man creature. The title makes no sense to me though.

Illustration For “When The Fires Die”*

There is a set of stairs that lead up to a hoofed devil sitting upon his throne. The throne is wrapped around by a serpent. There is fire on each side of the stairs, and this fire resembles, to me, souls with their arms outstretched. Great detail was taken with the draped cloth that covers the body of the devil. Also the scales on the serpent have great detail. Very well done!

The images in this book are all very well done and so very creative!! I loved the way each image was laid over a duplicate image of the same image, only as a much lighter version.

The thing I don't like about this book is the image description is on the next page which confused me at first. It would be nice if the description page could be open along with the image so you could view the image and read about it without turning the page.

Robert Veon's work is very dark and twisted and in my opinion top notch stuff!!

*This image and the story by Neil Davies that inspired it can be found here

Landscapes of Hell by Robert Veon. 8.25" x 10.75", 56pp, casewrap-hardcover binding, black and white interior ink. Available from Lulu Marketplace as download for $5 or hardcover book for $25.

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