By David L. Tamarin

Reviewed by Garry Charles

At the very start of this collection of short stories, subtitled Dark Clown Porn Snuff for Terrorists and Gorefiends, the author warns the reader that some of the stories may offend. After reading them I can see how some (if not most) people would agree with him.

I, on the other hand, am a very open minded reader and so I wouldn't go as far as saying I was offended. I would, however, go as far as saying that there was a good handful of tales that I didn't like. That does not mean they were badly written. It only means that I don't find gratuitous violence towards babies entertaining.

With this in mind I have picked out some of the stories that I did enjoy (which is a bigger handful than those I didn't).

SNACK: A man walks into a gay bar on a mission to “eat cock”. Turns out he isn't horny just hungry. Shocking and harshly written, but it gets a reaction (my toes curled as he chewed down).

7 JOB INTERVIEW NO NO'S: A list of things you shouldn't do at a job interview. Had me laughing from the first no no. Obviously we shouldn't openly masturbate at an interview, but seeing it on a list was funny.

IF THEY COULD WRITE BACK: A selection of letters to little Timmy ranging from Santa to God, Charles Manson to Satan. Again, had me laughing (although I knew I shouldn't have). Mr Tamarin has a way of making the harshness in life nothing more than a joke and in a way I find that a good thing. If we spend too much time worrying about death, rape, murder when do we sit back and relax? Many people will not see this in his writing. They will only see the writings of a hateful young man with an axe to grind, but beneath it all I do believe he has used these stories as a way to face his fears and laugh at them.

THE GREAT VALENTINES DAY MIX UP: Hilarious and only 69 words long. One of the least harsh stories and one of the best.

YARD SALE: You'll never visit a stranger's house again. This was one of my favourites. Well written and builds up nicely to a dark ending.

THE $50 000 PEEP SHOW: Another shocking, blood filled tale that I have to say I enjoyed as I cringed. David never backs down on the violence to appease the masses. Well done.

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED UNDER A HEAT LAMP: This is another very short tale and again I rate it as one of the best. Anyone who has ever been bullied will see the truth in this fable and smile.

THE MAN WHO COULD FLY: Short, funny and in the top ten.

ABDUCTED AND PROBED; A LOVE STORY: This was the top story of the lot. It gives, what I think, is a sensible reason for alien abduction and cattle mutilation. It has nothing to do with science, but is revealed that aliens are just kinky bastards that like a bit of human bum love. Still harsh, but funny in a dark, twisted way.

PLAYING GAMES: I liked this tale, but I couldn't tell you why. It was very violent, nasty even. But I was still thinking about the narrator an hour later. All I can ask is why?

THE HISTORY OF THE ANUS: I had already read this on the stories page of Whispers and thought it was twisted funny. It was because of this tale I decided to review the book.

And that's it. The other stories I haven't mentioned were not to my liking at all and would have most people screaming for the author's arrest. Peachy is a curiosity that should be read just to learn something about yourself. Find out what you are willing to laugh at no matter how distasteful you find it.

I doubt I would ever have bought this book, but I'm glad I read it and I doubt I will ever read anything like it again (unless David keeps working and then I will follow his work as it matures).

I must mention that Peachy is only half of this publication. The other half is made up of My Love Affair with David Lynch by Jason Rogers. I have nothing to say about it as I could make no sense at all from what he had written. Apart from that he may have a fixation with David Hasselhoff.

Peachy Like Nietzsche: Dark Clown Porn Snuff for Terrorists and Gorefiends by David L. Tamarin (also includes My Love Affair with David Lynch by Jason Rogers). Tpb, 132pp, $10.92 ($3.75 as download). Published by Lulu.

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