Reviewed by Joyce Hale

Remnants of the Night

by Jim Morton


ISBN#1-58898-467-2 $15.00 U.S. 2001 83 pp.

Remnants of the Night, by Jim Morton, is for those who are addicted to love. Get your fix here!

Jim Morton has a smooth, mellow style that will have you eating out of his hand; or better yet, reading his heartdeep poetry. The title verse is a perfect lead-in: "it is such an empty feeling when I lose you from my sight, so I'm filling up my pockets with the remnants of the night."

However, it's not all sunshine and roses, as love itself isn't..... "I watched as you were leaving til you faded from my view. I'd have traded all tomorrows for one minute more with you."

He writes of love, and loss, and passion, and loneliness; new love, old love and longing....

"if never again could I kiss you so deep, all the angels in heaven would lie down and weep.

There's a heavenly reason for the things that we do and I've never loved any greater than you

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