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The Future Fire is a free, non-profit publication: all costs, including paying our authors and artists, are covered by the editors and on aggregate we lose money every month. Any net income we make from sales or donations will be channeled into paying better rates to authors and artists, and into other projects such as anthologies and print collections. Nobody receives a salary or any other perks for working for TFF.

The best way to help support us financially is to buy a copy of one of the print or e-book anthologies published by Publishing. Outlaw Bodies, We See a Different Frontier, Accessing the Future, TFF-X, Fae Visions of the Mediterranean and Making Monsters are all available from all the usual online booksellers. Please try to support an independent bookstore rather than a tax-evading multinational if you possibly can.

You may also make a cash donation using Paypal; just click this button for a secure transaction

If you can't afford to support us monetarily at the moment, we would love for you to:

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