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Well, we've survived into a second issue—we must be doing something right! Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this achievement, whether you have contributed writing, given editorial assistance and advice, or helped to publicise the site by listing us on your website, circulating to a message board, or handing out cards and flyers at events. We should stress, however, that there is still very much room for growth: while we have no intention of compromising on quality, we will be happy to see more stories, more articles, and as many reviews as we can fit into the bandwidth.

A good mix of stuff this quarter: although the fiction still seems to be leaning toward the dark rather than the utopian. Whether this will become a trend or is an early blip remains to be seen. Come in, and taste our fine wares for yourself. If you like it, why not let us know, or even have a shot at writing something yourself?

April 2005

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