About the Editors

Allow us to introduce you to the editorial team of The Future Fire. We are an international team spread across several continents, with a wide range of interests and loosely defined roles.

Djibril al-Ayad General editor
Regina de Búrca Associate editor
Valeria Vitale Associate editor; co-editor: TFF-X (2015), and guest editor: Fae Visions of the Mediterranean (2016)
Cécile Matthey Assistant editor and in-house illustrator; co-editor: TFF-X (2015)
Bruce Stenning Assistant editor
Trace Yulie Assistant editor
Brian Olszewski Copyeditor
Hûw Steer Copyeditor
Kathryn Allan Guest editor: Accessing the Future (2015); emerita associate editor
Emma Bridges Guest editor: Making Monsters (2018); emerita assistant editor
Fabio Fernandes Guest editor: We See a Different Frontier (2013)
Lori Selke Guest editor: Outlaw Bodies (2012)

Djibril al-Ayad

General editor

Djibril is the nom de guerre of a French-born academic historian, who studies the afterlife of antiquity and the future of archaeology. Based in London meatspace, he travels along snapping synapses and burning fibre cables to work all over the world, and welcomes invitations to share, plot, indulge and include. His favourite SF includes: beautiful and inventive writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Nisi Shawl, Samuel R. Delaney, Nicola Griffith, Isabel Allende, Élisabeth Vonarburg, Caitlín Kiernan, Vonda McIntyre, who magically define and redefine what speculative fiction can be and do again and again; Kafkaesque and Borgesian headfuck cyberpunk by authors like Philip K. Dick, Misha, Marge Piercy, William Gibson, Melissa Scott, Walter Mosley, who pull no punches and make no apologies; cynical, political and in-your-face fiction by the likes of Joanna Russ, China Miéville, Laurie J. Marks, Rosemary Kirstein, Kate Bornstein, who blow your mind every time. Djibril loves the alien, the alienating, the ugly truth, the beautiful lie.

Regina de Búrca

Associate editor

Regina de Búrca is a writer and editor from the West of Ireland. She is interested in feminist speculative fiction, especially for young adults. She's currently experiencing a resurgent Gothic literature phase and is working her way through the works of Ann Radcliffe for the second time, after a gap of twenty years. Her biggest influences remain Ursula le Guin and Isabel Allende but in relation to TFF stories loves to see authentic and strong voices, coupled with fresh ideas. She can be found procrastinating on Twitter @Regina_dB.

Valeria Vitale

Associate editor; co-editor: TFF-X (2015), and guest editor: Fae Visions of the Mediterranean (2016)

Valeria spends most of her time building worlds. If you look carefully, under the right light, you might see some of them orbiting around her head. Her first contact with gothic horror was the two monsters who hid in the long corridor of her family house waiting for dark to kidnap her; when a successful kidnap attempt never materialized, she became convinced the monsters must be completely incompetent, and began to feel sorry for them. She still has a soft spot for ghosts, vampires and old mythologies, but enjoys all sort of (good) stories. As a hobby, Valeria collects failures and pseudonyms. When she’s not busy writing and reading (for pleasure or work) you may find her staring at ancient objects in museums or modelling buildings in 3D. At night, when she can’t sleep, she makes toys.

Emma Bridges

Assistant editor; guest editor: Making Monsters (2018)

Dr Emma Bridges spends a lot of time thinking about what happens when characters from ancient mythology wander into the modern world. She particularly likes talking to the writers and artists who help them to get here, and is always keen to hear more from voices (ancient and modern, mythical and real) which have traditionally been silenced.

Cécile Matthey

Assistant editor and in-house illustrator; co-editor: TFF-X (2015)

Cécile Matthey, photo librarian, freelance illustrator and eclectic reader, forever attracted to imaginary worlds and strange universes from J.R.R. Tolkien to Philip K. Dick, from Jules Verne to Jasper Fforde—with a soft spot for Michael Moorcock, Ray Bradbury, Lois McMaster Bujold, Terry Pratchett and steampunk. She has illustrated various stories for TFF since 2006, and recently joined the editorial team too.

Artist's web page: cecilematthey.ch

Trace Yulie

Assistant editor

Trace Yulie's work has appeared in Interzone, Crossed Genres and Outlaw Bodies. She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. Trace currently resides in California, where she is working on her first novel.

Kathryn Allan

Guest editor: Accessing the Future (2015); emerita associate editor

Kathryn Allan is an independent scholar of feminist SF, cyberpunk, and disability studies. After completing her PhD thesis, Bleeding Chrome: Technology and the Vulnerable Body in Feminist Post-Cyberpunk (2010), she set off on her own and now runs Academic Editing Canada. She is editor of the interdisciplinary collection, Disability in Science Fiction: Representations of Technology as Cure (2013, Palgrave MacMillan), and the inaugural Le Guin Feminist Science Fiction fellow. Her writing appears in both academic and creative publications, such as The WisCon Chronicles Vol. 7 (2013), and Outlaw Bodies (2012). Kathryn blogs as Bleeding Chrome.

Fabio Fernandes

Guest editor: We See a Different Frontier (2013)

Fabio Fernandes is an SF writer living in São Paulo, Brazil. He has several stories published in online venues like Everyday Weirdness, The Nautilus Engine, StarShipSofa, Semaphore Magazine, Dr. Hurley's Snake-Oil Cure, and Kaleidotrope Magazine, and in anthologies like Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded and The Apex World Book of SF, Vol. 2 (ed. by Lavie Tidhar). Two-time recipient of the Argos SF Award (Brazil), Fernandes co-edited with Jacques Barcia in 2008 the bilingual online magazine Terra Incognita, and has translated to Brazilian Portuguese several SF works, such as Neuromancer, Foundation, Snow Crash, Boneshaker, and The Steampunk Bible.

Lori Selke

Guest editor: Outlaw Bodies (2012)

Lori Selke has been published in Strange Horizons and Asimov’s. She’s been active in queer, sex radical and feminist activist circles for over two decades. She is also the former editor/publisher of the tiny lit zine Problem Child.

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