What's an order of magnitude or two between friends?
(Nathaniel Van Neumann)

Issue 2005.03

Short stories


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Apologies for the late running of Issue #3 of The Future Fire; several of our editors have been uncharacteristically incommunicado (not to say AWOL) over the summer, and there's so much work to do struggling over this scorched earth that was once our sweet home. Our fiction submissions are picking up, though, which is excellent news: many thanks to all those who offered pieces, whether or not we accepted them on this occasion.  [ Image courtesy Noise Productions ]

Also this month, see our Mirrormask competition: Flashes of Darkness, in which you can win all sorts of promotional goodies from the new Neil Gaiman movie by sending us horror or dark fantasy flash fiction. If we get good support for this contest, we hope to hold more in the future, so please submit something!

We have plenty more material in the wings, so a new issue is due before the new year. As always, we'd be happy to hear from you, our readers, with ideas, advice, criticisms, or, of course, contributions.

September 2005

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