May rabid dogs tear out your entrails, and dance all night to the sweet music of your agonised screaming.

Trad. [?Dorsetshire] greeting.

Issue 2006.05

Short stories


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Here is number five of The Future Fire, a slim issue this quarter, but one with an eye on the future, with the emphasis firmly on speculative matters more than the dark hints of recent months. We have two stories set firmly in the science-fictional tradition of the future, an interview with Cory Doctorow who talks about the future of information culture, and of course more offerings for the speculative meme-pool. We've pretty much cleared our backlog in this issue, so if you have any stories, articles, or items for review that you've been meaning to send in, now is a perfect moment to catch us without too much to do.

It's going to be an interesting world. Why not write it?

March 2006

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