The meek ain't gonna inherit shit

Larry Love

Issue 2006.06

Flash fiction

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Issue 2006.06 of the Future Fire (due in May 2006) was delayed due to a combination of technical and administrative reasons. We ran a couple of reviews as they came out—to keep it fresh—but the full magazine is only now available. We think it was worth the wait. A couple of fun stories: Tom Lichtenberg's dark ‘Deadline’, and a return from J.W. Bennett with the very poetic, sensual, and creepy ‘Half Light House’. (We also have professional-standard artwork for both stories for the first time: many thanks to Christina Cartwright and Cécile Matthey for some lovely work.)

These are both great stories, and fully within the Future Fire brief, but now we've gone over six months without accepting a "hard-SF" or Cyberpunk piece. So I have been thinking about this problem again, and some of my thoughts can be found in a short piece in the non-fiction section under ‘Grossly Exaggerated’; I'd like this to kick off discussion and debate, but I'm not sure what the venue for this would be? There is good short Cyberpunk out there—most notably published in Neometropolis magazine, for example—but there isn't much. (And the Cyberpunkchat message board sadly closed down last year.)

Anyway, we're here now. Enjoy the stories.

Please accept our apologies for this severe delay and any inconvenience it may have caused for your journey.

August 2006

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