J. W. Bennett, Practical Devil Worship (For All The Family). Twisted Tongue Magazine (via Lulu.com), 2006. Pp. 30. $5.13.

Reviewed by Karina Kantas

The title of J.W. Bennett's chapbook, Practical Devil Worship (For All The Family), makes you wonder whether you're going to be reading a "how to" guide. Nevertheless, after a printed quote from G.W.Bush, on the first page, you realize you're about to get involved in something very different. Practical Devil Worship is a short story separated into four parts: Denial, Devotion, Damage and Debacle. Free as a PDF download or only £2.83 for a printed copy; although the book is thirty pages long, the actual story only covers twenty two pages. (More please)

From afar, the Darksteins appear an average loving family. Mother, (Delilah) hard working husband, (Lucifer senior) one teenage daughter, (Jezebel) and a younger son, (Lucifer Junior) and as the names suggest, the Darksteins are Satanist's. Devil worshipers who refuse to hide their beliefs and customs—something that the residents of Goat Creek will not tolerate.

Since moving in to the Bible loving community, the Darksteins are constantly persecuted for displaying their beliefs. However, it is not until a young local girl disappears, that fingers openly point towards the Satanic family. Whereas the Darksteins have no intention of keeping their love for Satan (the low king) a secret, respected locals have dark secrets of their own, which are unveiled in a disturbing twist.

Quote from Lucifer senior: "This ain't no horror movie. You don't to wave a Bible and send me packing in a puff of smoke."

With edgy and decisive writing, Practical Devil Worship (For All The Family) is a fun read. Containing adult content it is not, as the title suggests, for all the family. Short enough to read in one sitting, yet long to tell the whole story, the way Bennett wanted to. Wrapped in an impressive cultish cover, it's worthwhile adding this book to your collection.

With characters you love to hate, here's hoping the Darkstein family will rise again.

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