The real end of the world is the destruction of the spirit; the other kind depends on the insignificant attempt to see whether after such a destruction the world can go on.

-- Karl Kraus

 [ Issue 2007.10; Cover art © 2007 Hadrian York Holdings ]

Issue 2007.10

Short stories

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We only have three brief things to say in this introduction to the final TFF issue of 2007. The first is a hearty congratulations to Steven Pirie, winner of the Black Swan contest, whose story ‘Night Dreaming’ you will find below. There was a strong field of entries, and the judges clearly cast their votes widely and variedly, which is an excellent sign.

The second is to wish a happy tenth issue to TFF, and may your future hold even more exciting developments and excellent stories than your past. The third is a question: I don't know if anyone else has observed this, but why is chilli not as hot as it used to be?

More news from our expanded editorial team and slightly redesigned site to come soon. See you all in the Spring.

December 2007

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