No Piece can properly be called good, and well written, which is void of any Tendency to benefit the Reader, either by improving his Virtue or his Knowledge.

-- Benjamin Franklin

 [ Issue 2008.11; Cover art © 2008 Christina Cartwright ]

Issue 2008.11

Short stories

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The release of this issue, our eleventh, marks a step forward and up for The Future Fire. As of this issue we are paying more for fiction ($20 per story), and we shall pay our cover artist the same fee (though the heroes who illustrate the inside of the magazine still do so out of love, altruism, and generosity). As of this issue we also welcome three new associate editors: thanks to David, John, and Lois for helping out with reading and decision-making (and if we may take a moment here to also thank our several unnamed--because anonymous--referees who apply taste and distinction to the ever-growing submission pile).

You will already have noticed the redesigned website: please let us know what you think. We think it better reflects the dark and techno content that we are trying to achieve with this magazine. But we'd love feedback: it's you, the reader, that we're serving.

This issue sees some great new stories. Kassandra Kelly takes us on a desert trek through twisted time and sordid social manipulation. William J. Piovano gives us the first part of a serialized story which is a dark take on Plato's myth of the cave with shades of Brave New World. David Towsey investigates the dark side of our psyches as we get pushed into living closer and closer together. Lots of great artwork from our talented illustrators, and a couple of braces of book reviews. Enjoy.

Djibril and Bruce, general editors

April 2008

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