Freiheit ist immer Freiheit der Andersdenkenden

-- Rosa Luxemburg

 [ Issue 2008.12; Cover art © 2008 G. Edwin Taylor ]

Issue 2008.12

Flash fiction

Short stories

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This issue we bring you a lively fiction edition of TFF, with four stories, including the second part of William J. Piovano's three-part dystopian parable ‘Avatar on the Belts’; part 2 is subtitled ‘Eros’. Long-standing TFF contributor Terry Grimwood considers love and power—both personal and governmental—in his troubling and unpleasant dialogue, ‘Kemistry’. ‘The Devil's Tooth’ by E. Steven Newby shows a stubborn and superstitious mother's tough love for her wayward, damned son. Finally we round off this issue with the winner of the Nudge Nudge Wink Wink competition that was judged at the TFF Convention in London last month: Alison Littlewood's darkly comic ‘Always Look on the Bright Side’ puts her Kylie-admiring protagonist through an almost Palahniuk-esque breakdown. Fabulous artwork as always from Arianna Ciula, Carmen, Cécile Matthey, and G. Edwin Taylor.

Is there a romantic theme going on here? It is all about love, but not as you might know it. Enjoy!

Djibril and Bruce, general editors

July 2008

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