‘Moon’, Jeana Jorgensen

Illustration © 2019 Joyce Chng

 [ Solidarity, © 2019 Joyce Chng ] you occupied the sun
you took the day
and drive and intellect.
you exiled us to the moon,
stapled self to uterus,
branded us with our own blood

so now the moon is ours,
and in the darkness we gather
our kin (trans and queer sisters,
sex workers and submissives,
allies and infiltrators)
and we celebrate, mourn, and wait.

we embrace the moon

(mostly men,
some white feminists)
wonder at the appeal

the black moon cosmetics
the luna pole shorts
the crescent moon necklaces
the moon earrings
the moon tattoos
the moon leggings

we make and buy moon merch,
we exercise in it, etch it on our skin,
and when you realize you are surrounded by the moon
it will be too late
because you taught us to shine in the darkness
you told us we were only good to envelop
and to be your shadows, reflecting your light.

when a sea of moon-wearing women
washes over you,
with crescent grins and luminous teeth,
when we conquer through cannibalism,
when we consume your light and shine from within—
then we’ll reset the balance,
redistribute celestial and earthly symbolism and power.

though maybe we’ll keep the moon to ourselves
for a while.

© 2019 Jeana Jorgensen

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