‘How to Tell Your Husband You’re a Werewolf’, Katherine Shats

Illustration © 2021 Fluffgar

 [ Ancient power, © 2021 Fluffgar ] Invite him to celebrate
this gift of power and virility
your freedom To Be
your own irrepressibility

Resist instincts to placate
when you see his furrowed brow
apologies escape so easily, but
you’re the monster now

Invite him as your equal
he’d said you were before
why fear a minor deviation
to the eternal trust he swore

Leap out of the shadows
shake off the stagnant vows
you don’t have to come off clean
you’re the monster now

Invite him to perform
accept, embrace and reconcile
you’re still his loving wife
and you’d like it if he’d smile

Absorb, engorge and swallow
everyone in town
externalize the personal
you’re the monster now

© 2021 Katherine Shats

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