‘Mageochory’, S. Brackett Robertson

Illustration © 2023 Dr T. Eratopo based on photograph © 2021 by Ramin Talebi

 [ Colors of magic, © 2023 Dr. T. Eratopo and Ramin Talebi ] They sit in storage, in rows,
underground and awaiting
each one a slightly different shade—
cobalt, ochre, viridian—colors of magic.

They don’t always grow, if you plant them
and when they do, you might not get what you expected.
Magic doesn’t conform.

I’m not sure magic is entirely Euclidian
the seeds seem to take up more space
than just the plane of cabinet drawers.
They cut through deception, false flattery.
They tell the truth.

I’m not sure I fit in this world either,
so I scatter them when I can,
somewhere they might grow freely
somewhere I could stand in relevé,
let my movements, my truths take space,
feel the seeds’ magic
use it to grow.

© 2023 S. Brackett Robertson

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